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STANLEY® Mobile Premium Warranty

Unfortunately, failures can happen at any time and professionals have no choice but to stay connected to their customers, teams and partners ; the Premium warranty ensures your mobile services continue to run in case of hardware or software failure.

By simply calling our customer service we will trigger a loan mobile phone logistic within 48 hours, without having to send us the damaged mobile phone and without any expert report conditions.


1 On our official store, at the time of purchase of your STANLEY® Mobile phone:

When ordering your STANLEY® Mobile phone on our official store, select the "12 months Premium" option. The Premium warranty will cover your STANLEY® Mobile phone automatically for the 12 months following the date of invoice.

2 Within the 24 months following the purchase of your STANLEY® Mobile phone:

You have purchased a STANLEY® Mobile phone in the last 24 months through our official store or from one of our resellers: register your mobile phone by creating your customer area and order your 12 months Premium warranty directly from your Members Area.


S121 S231 S241 S331
FRANCE 2,90 € (*) 4,90 € (*) 7,90 € (*) 9,90 € (*)
EUROPE 4,90 € (*) 7,90 € (*) 9,90 € (*) 14,90 € (*)
WORLD 9,90 € (*) 12,90 € (*) 14,90 € (*) 19,90 € (*)

(*) Monthly fee, as a single transaction for a 12 months period at the date of subscription to the Premium warranty offer.

Subscriptions opening from June 1st.
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